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Personalized Predictions

Your personalized 2017 predictions,as a 6-month or 3-month detailed reports,can help you to know your life in 2017 and serve as a guide to your planetary positions in the current year, helping you decide on remedial actions for the most successful year.

Yantra & Tantra

Do you feel problems in finical, personal or relating to health? Then, Astrology Remedies can help to remove these problems. Simply, Astrology Remedies are like medicine.In today’s life, all peoples are facing some hurdles and troubles in their personal and professional life.There are astrology principles are called Remedies.

Ratna & Rudraksh

Rudraksha and Ratna are alive with powers to change your life. They have power to change,circumstances and path of planets in your favor. They work on chakras which is the very basis for transforming your life from suffering,obstacles and confusions into love,success and happiness. For this, not only choosing the right Rudraksha and Gem according to the horoscope, blocked chakras and desires of the person is important, but also the wearing methodology is important.

Gem Stones & Remedies

We select Gems to increase the efficiency or for removal of the deficiency. These remedial stones act in two ways; one is by its spectrum effects and other is by radioactive effects. When a ring is worn, Gem goes on continuously vibrating its power which is absorbed in the individual aura. The protective aura thus becomes powerful to resist any untoward vibrations coming from external sources.

Career Guidance

Astrology career guidance is concerned with the aspect of planets on the career choices that we make in life and the results therein. Certain placements of planets are supposed to give an individual the excellence to shine in a particular line of work while others spell doom for an individual if he decides to follow a particular kind of career.

Vastu Services

It primarily instructs how to maintain the best equilibrium of the five elements ( Earth Water, Sun, Air & Space) in a building and to make best use of their effects to energize the metal & physical energies of inhabitants.Smt. Richa Pathak Best vastu consultant offering vastu shastra services, vaidic vastu shastra services, residential vastu services, commercial vastu services and industrial vastu services.

Muhurt Astrology

suppose one is planning an important event or project and especially wants it to be successful. Logically, he should choose the best time available within a particular "window of time," to get the best results. This is called Muhurta or Electional astrology.By studying the charts of the men involved and the time slot available, I choose what I considered to be a perfect time.

Relationship Councelling

. In the process of marriage counseling, some couples may discover it is healthier for them to be apart. However, for those relationships that can be salvaged, and for those couples willing to commit to the process, marriage counseling may be able to remind them why they fell in love and keep them that way.

Business Report

Astrology helps a person to select the right business sector. Every person has an area where he/she may be successful in terms of business. With the changes of economic condition, a successful business man may fail due to bad time. But during this time Astrology may guide us. It is quite true that technically there is no way to predict the upcoming situation. But Astrology may help during this period.

Match Making

Unless and Until a compatability is found between two persons they can't hold a life-long relationship happily.It is always recommended to get match-making done before fixing marriage between two.We do suggest remedies or parihars in checking compatabilities.